Is Your Kitchen Sink Backed Up?

Schedule drain snaking services in West Jordan, West Valley City, UT and Wasatch Front

Sometimes all it takes to clear a minor clog is a trusty toilet auger. Luckily, Drain Kingz offers drain snaking services in West Jordan & West Valley City, UT. We have access to standard drain snakes and augers in addition to battery-powered ones, to take care of any blockages in your pipes that can't be cleared using a regular drain snake. Our team will clear your sinks and toilets as quickly as possible so you can get back to your daily routine.

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Don't let a minor clog turn into a big problem

We'll use our toilet auger or drain snake to clear any blockages caused by:

  • Paper products
  • Food or grease
  • Hair or mineral buildup

Learn more about our drain snaking services by contacting a member of our team today.

Don't DIY drain snaking services

Augers and drain snakes are readily available to homeowners, but like all professional plumbing equipment, they require skill and experience to use correctly. If you try handling your drain snaking service on your own, you could end up...

  • Damaging plumbing fixtures
  • Destroying drain lines
  • Gouging pipes
You could also inadvertently push the clog out of your drain and deep into your sewer line, making a professional repair even more expensive.

Don't risk it. Instead, turn to Drain Kingz for drain snaking services in West Jordan, West Valley City, UT or the Wasatch Front.