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Blockages in drains and sewer pipes can happen over time or through reckless use. Blockages in drains and sewers are brought on by excessive solid waste, a foreign object too large to pass, or grease that collects in the trap.

Long-term obstruction can be brought on by biofilm or fungus growth in pipework, particle matter settling, and the accumulation of things like food and hair. Not thoroughly cleaned can lead to sewage and drain line failure. Therefore, cleaning them promptly and removing obstructions is crucial for optimal flow and working. 

Drain Kingz provides you with drain and sewer maintenance services by clearing any obstructions and sucking sludge and debris from drains and sewage lines using the skills of water jetting technology and high vacuum pressure.

Tree roots are drawn to the water and nutrients that pass-through pipes. Roots can be drawn to fumes released by the smallest fracture or loose joint. 

Roots can enter these cracks and develop until they finally create a root mass that completely obstructs the pipe, allowing the contents back into your home. 

The main factor causing damage to subsurface pipes is tree roots. Tree roots can be severed by jetting at higher pressures of 800 bar to 2000 bar, and drains and sewers can be cleared of this obstruction.

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