Camera inspection for a clear view of what's going on inside your drains

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Introducing video camera sewer inspection is one of the most beneficial developments in sewage innovation.

 To provide you with a real-time view of the condition of your lines, our inspection criteria is to use a high-tech camera mounted on a wire that can be fed down your drains and into your sewer system. 

With a video camera examination, we at Drain Kingz can swiftly and precisely identify any problems with a sewer pipe, such as clogging, bellying, cracks, crushes, or total disconnections, and start working right away for the best solution.

Suppose your plumbing system needs preventative maintenance or you’re dealing with persistent drainage problems. In that case, A camera inspection of the drain can give you more helpful insights and aid in completely flushing out the clogged elements.

  • Affordable and non-intrusive video sewer line inspections are available.

  • A Variety of Sewer Line Issues are Identified via Video Inspections.

  • Root intrusion can be found during video sewer inspections.

  • Sewer Camera Monitor Your Pipes’ Condition in and out.

  • Potential issues can be found via a video sewer examination before they become significant wastewater leaks flooding back into your homes, creating a health hazard. 


The situation after the examination can greatly benefit from our Hydro jetting services. 

Sometimes after a thorough cleaning process, you need to keep an eye on your internal drainage system before it gets out of hand again! 

You can order an inspection service from us. A monthly or a 3-monthly examination of your internal pipes can aid in controlling the situation beforehand.

PROBLEM: You may face a major health risk that will be pricey to remove if toxic sewage water backs up into your home or place of business or floods your landscaping.

PROBLEM: The walls of your sewer pipes will inevitably develop gunk and filth over time from debris such as trash, thickened cooking grease, soapy residue, deteriorating food particles, and more.

PROBLEM: The wetness in your drain and sewer lines naturally attracts the roots of trees and bushes in your yard, acting as organic fertilizer. These roots can create serious breaches or obstructions when they begin to encroach on the line or even grow inside of it, disrupting the entire drainage system.

PROBLEM: There are almost no faults that a video examination can’t identify, from damaged or collapsed pipes to terrible clogs that are producing back-ups and unpleasant odors.

Sometimes you are so lost when you are stuck with a clogged drain situation and don’t know whom to call. A plumber or a handyman?

And when you call them, if they aren’t an expert in drains, they will provide a very superficial solution to your drainage problem. 

The result? 

Your situation returns in full force only to end you in further frustration—wasting time, energy and money. 

So, what to do?

Call the Mastermind behind the job and get it done once and for all. Connect with the Drain Kingz!

Previously, inspecting a sewer line required excavating pits and jarring the landscape, which had to be later mended.

 This excavation operation required much labour and required an extra added cost. 

To discover troubles, we may now immediately feed our video cameras into your sewer system. This lets us detect and halt damage more quickly, which saves you money. It spares you the time, inconvenience, and labour costs associated with excavating and filling pits and ditches.