When I got myself in this venture 5 years ago, I never imagined what kind of reach I would get in return. I always wanted to make things easy for people.
Drain Kingz provides you with drain and sewer maintenance services by clearing any obstructions and sucking sludge and debris from drains and sewage lines using the skills of water jetting technology and high vacuum pressure.
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Drain Cleaning Services

Are the drains in your house only draining your energies and nothing else?

Our team at Drain Kingz proudly offers Salt Lake City residents the most reliable drain cleaning services. We keep our technicians updated with cutting edge techniques, such as Hydro Jetting, in order to deliver results every time. Simply give us a call and we’ll be on our way promptly to ensure you’re never left waiting for professional help. Our knowledgeable staff will evaluate your drain situation and offer affordable solutions quickly so that you don’t have to worry about the issue persisting any longer. With Drain Kingz, you can feel confident that your drains will be serviced with care and expertise.

Drain Services

Get a more detailed cleaning and unclogging experience.
There may be many Plumbing services in town, but we offer a single service that we have mastered. Our company only deals in a thorough drain cleaning technique.

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We Deal In Every Kind Of Drains

Toilet Drains

Shower Drains

Kitchen Drains

Floor Drains

Drain Kingz is the best at unclogging your drains

Are the drains in your house only draining your energies and nothing else?

Salt Lakers know that when it comes to unclogging their drains, Drain Kingz is the go-to team. With years of experience and expertise in Salt Lake City, our team at Drain Kingz will have your drains back to peak performance in no time. We specialize in hydro jetting – a safe and effective way to unclog those tough clogs. No job is too big for us! Our professional team utilizes traditional methods as well as proprietary techniques so you don’t have to worry about calling us over and over again for the same problem. Put your trust in us here at Drain Kingz and get your plumbing back on track!

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