About Us
About Us



When I got myself in this venture 5 years ago, I never imagined what kind of reach I would get in return. I always wanted to make things easy for people.

Hi, I’m Jake Priest, the man behind this amazing initiative. With Drain Kingz, I provide an easy way out for people stuck in everyday problems. I want to create a space that helps people pick up the phone and make a call to us the moment they face a clogged drain situation.

Although it’s a problem faced by many people on and off over the year, it’s a struggle to understand whom to call. So, I came up with a clear workaround. I am precise with my services and deal with Drain cleaning as a sole entity.

24/7-365 days

And the main thing is that the troublesome issue of clogged drains can also happen in the middle of the night. It’s always unannounced, and the anxiety of possibly flooding your home is troublesome.

So, instead of having a sleepless night, give us a call. We are available 24/7 all through the year.

About Us

My drain cleaning services include using a Hydro jet to deeply clean sewer lines/pipes/drains. Within minutes of getting a call from you to book us for assistance, our team is very responsive and gets there before you hang up. Okay, a little exaggeration, but we make it on time.

We prefer complete transparency in our dealings. There aren’t any extra fees here. You won’t have to be concerned about unanticipated costs appearing on the bill. We always believe in the provision of quality services at affordable rates. Something that anybody can utilize. That’s the aura of the King!

We operate at the small local business level, but our core value is high profile. Our commitment to care, honesty, and hard work serve as the foundation for the organization.

Hire us for an experienced resolution and satisfactory outcome.

A powerful cleaning method and an outclass inspection yield a cleared-out drain for years. The buildup of materials like grease, oils, soap, detergents, paper, and toilet rolls goes down the drain. Literally!

About Us

I played professional sports for 10 years and learned the morals required to be among the best in the nation. The same principles drive my company to be the finest in the state. I’m eager to gain your business and demonstrate my abilities. You won’t be dissatisfied.

Everything revolves around value and justice. I don’t think you should charge more than something is worth. My pricing is in all fairness, and there is nothing extra ever added to fool around.

Through untiring efforts and a positive mindset, I have been able to scale the business in a very short period. The client review and feedback are the best part of the whole deal. I am improving, as well as getting motivated by all the cool words I get to hear from my customers.

Adding great value and with my core beliefs, I plan to make this the top-notch drain cleaning service in the Salt Lake City area. And I am on the right path with the kind of feedback I get every day.

“Great company…
They showed up after short notice.
Told me what he was going to do to fix my clog and got it taken care of way faster than I thought. And the price reasonable. To be honest I wouldn’t mind paying a little more, just because of the work ethic.”

– Doug Silva



Not only do we care about the work we put into our service, but we also care about our customers. This is what drives us to do the quality work that we do.


We believe in keeping our word and never over selling, nor over charging for services. We want everyone to have peace of mind knowing that when they work with us, they are getting the best price, quality work, and only the services they need to fix the issue at hand.


From start to finish, not only are we working hard to fix your issues, but we are also working hard to make sure its done correctly the first time.