Hydro Jetting Services in SLC

The King asks: what’s the fuss all about? | The Problem

Clogs at residential, business and industrial sites often need to be removed with high-pressure water jetting to prevent major downtime and financial loss. Sludge, sand, grease, and other material that build up over time are the primary causes of business drain line clogs.

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The Resolution

Hydro-jetting services use water under extremely high pressure to remove these major obstructions. My men at Drain Kingz examine the condition of your pipes and detect and identify the clog using fibre-optic video equipment. The best hydro-jetting head and pressure will then be chosen to address the issue.

The hydro-jet is first inserted into the sewer line to begin the procedure. The sharp and steady pressure of hot water is dispensed from small jets at the head of the line. 

Without endangering the pipe, the force of the water cleans the pipe’s interior surface to remove sludge buildup. Additionally, it turns to waste, including tree roots, into a semi-solid slurry.

A win-win situation for everyone. For me—you—pipes/drains.

Keep your drains flowing like the cape of our King! 

Our service of hydro jetting is a recommended procedure when the clogging is due to something more hard and stubborn rather than a pile of Legos!

 So, when you are in a crucially sticky situation, you need something deep and demanding treatment. Our vast experience ensures the best technology-based resolution for your plumbing needs.

The use of hydrostatic pressure to clear away the debris and provide you with a once again functioning pipelines—Hydro jetting is the power-packed technology in this regard.

Hydro jetting services have the benefit of cleaning in addition to unclogging.

 A single pipe cleaning using hydro-jetting maintenance equipment clears blockages or tree roots. 

Doing this regularly can also eliminate the need for an emergency call. 

Cleaner pipes result in fewer service calls, and water jet machine services cost savings. Lines can be kept clear with routine maintenance, at least one or two cleanings each year.

The clogged checklist 

  • Inaccessible deep clogs, stubborn to be only removed by the pressure from a hydro jet tech
  • For a long-term plan to get rid of this clogging problem, hydro jetting cleanses the pipes and new ones. 
  • Hydro jetting is the answer to drain clogging, indoor or outdoor. It’s safe and effective in both conditions.

Also, we recommend regularly inspecting the internal maintenance of your pipes and drains and deep cleaning every 3-6 months to avoid a major disaster because of excessive hard buildup.

Make sure you plan a water jetting service routine that keeps your drains operating normally. Always keep us on your speed dial.